Chinese Manufacturing Solutions

Injection Moulding

CMS has it its own China factory situated close to Shenzhen although we have links to injection moulding companies for manufacture of parts in Thailand,  Malaysia, Germany and the UK.

Many of our customers are existing moulders who cannot compete with the short lead times and cost offered in China but have also been hurt badly by poor quality in the past.

Please refer to our references section for customer feedback.

At our factory in China we a have a range of Haitian injection moulding machines with the plan to add more this year.  Currently we have available 80, 90, 150, 300 and 470 ton machines with the option of using a number of test facilities for higher capacity machines in the local area.

In order to keep the factory clean all rough machining is carried out offsite with all finishing, spark work and polishing carried out onsite. Currently we have CNC milling machines and lathes, EDM machines, grinders, drilling machines and a 5 ton lift at our facility. The allows the factory to focus on the high precision engineering work without the waste generated from rough machining.

CMS can offer various tooling options to meet customer needs.  Our standard tooling options are shown below:

At CMS we only manufacture steel tools and do not manufacture Aluminium tools.

Injection Moulding
Tool Type Tool Steel Tool Location Warranty
Prototype P20 Remains in China 1 Year / 10,000 Parts
P20 Export Worldwide Warranty to be agreed
China Production P20 Remains in China 1 Year / 100,000 Parts
P20 High Hard
P20 High Hard Export Worldwide 1 Year / 100,000 Parts
H13 Full Hard
Stainless Steel 2083 / NAK 80
Export Tool (EU Spec) P20 High Hard Export Worldwide 1 Year / 300,000 Parts
H13 High Hard
Stainless Steel 2083 / NAK 80

Other options can discussed on a case by case basis and we are more than happy to discuss tool design with your existing moulder in order to find the best solution for the customer.