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    Chinese Manufacturing Solutions can offer UK design facilities using Solid works or manage the design cycle in China, if a reduced cost scenario is required.

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    Chinese Manufacturing Solutions have a diverse range of Chinese suppliers; many we have worked with for 10 years. Combining these relationships with Chinese manufacturing staff can significantly minimise risk and maximise efficiency and profit.

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    Our China based operations are centred around Guang Dong province where we have an Office at our Injection moulding factory in Feng Gang with staff based in Shenzhen.

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    • Project Wash Up Meeting

      Date of meeting - 30th November
      People in attendanceAndrew Harrison (Linear Plastics), John Poole (CMS), Customer

      Overall, all three parties (Customer, CMS, and Linear Plastics) were pleased with the “openness” of how the project was managed. As there was a clear line of communication between all three parties, we managed to achieve everything we set out to do from concept right through to production.

      What I have learned from the process is: the earlier we discuss the design of both - the part and the tooling - the better the outcome is. I found that both Linear Plastics’ and CMS’ input to the design of the part invaluable to the design process as a whole. Without which I don’t believe we would have delivered such a good project on time and more importantly on budget.

      Moreover, when it came down to signing off the tooling here in the UK as we had “front loaded” the design work, every tool went into the press and worked 1st time, which is a credit to both parties. When we had issues, they were down to the “unforeseen” that is the very nature of engineering and can never be avoided; but it is how we dealt with them as a team was the most important.

      In future projects and to improve upon what we’ve done, we agreed that the following would be most beneficial:

      • - Involve both CMS and Linear as early as possible both in the tool and part design
- Linear Plastics to provide the dimensions and spec of all moulding presses
- Ensure that all moulding trials in China are done in the correct polymer (grade and colour)
- Ensure all parts have issue controlled drawings (2d and 3d of both the Part and tool)

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in delivering a massive project. Your help is greatly appreciated and I hope we can build upon this partnership in the future.




Latest News from UK & China

Date : 12th May 2016

SUBCON exhibition

We will be exhibiting 7th - 9th June in Birmingham, Stand A40 - looking forward to seeing you there.

Date: 1st March 2016

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Date 27/12/2015
Chinese Manufacturing News

The second half of 2015 has again been very successful with new tooling contracts for our China facility these tools are then imported to the UK to manufacture the components, orders have also increased our prototype tooling with some tools staying in out China facility and some tools being exported to the UK and Europe our tool quality remains at a high level which has contributed to the new contracts.

We have just completed a Innovative product for the cycling safety market this product will be moulded packed in our China facility and delivered to our UK client, this involved tooling, injection moulded components including chrome plating, Vac forming and printing for the packaging purchase of consumable items, assembly and final packaging, this has been a very successful project for us and our UK client.

We are continuing to help clients with Concepts and design for manufacture, producing 3D models and 2D drawings, along with the Rapid prototyping offer this completes the design cycle.

Chinese manufacturing is supporting UK companies in China on a consultancy basis helping them with language, culture and working relationships, this is an on-going and very important part of our business.

What our customers say

"To say CMS are invaluable to me as a business partner is an understatement. They have helped me deliver product to market in a timeframe that I never thought possible. Their intricate knowledge on all aspects of Product Development, Project management, and Logistics have enabled me to focus on my own workload; knowing that if there was an issue they were always on hand to help... I can’t recommend them highly enough”David Treharne, Industrial designer - Tellermate