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Over 15 years experience in China specialising in Manufacturing, Bespoke Design and Sourcing Products on behalf of our Customers. Our business model is based on providing strength in depth, supporting you in all areas of manufacturing in China.

Our Services

At Chinese Manufacturing, we offer a specialised tailored service which enables our clients to achieve their project and financial goals.

Design Consultation

Chinese Manufacturing Solutions can offer UK design facilities using Solidworks or manage the design cycle in China, if a reduced cost scenario is required.


At CMS we can supply injection moulding tools globally.  We currently supply tools to China, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Poland and the USA.

Manufacturing in China

CMS offers low to medium size production runs of injection mouldings for distribution anywhere in the world.  By drawing on our many years of experience your company can attain excellent financial and project results in weeks.

At Chinese Manufacturing Solutions (CMS)

we offer a specialised tailored service which enables our clients to achieve their project and financial goals

We currently supply injection moulding tooling to the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany with the finished product also being supplied to mainland China, Poland and USA.

Over 50% of our customers are existing moulders who sub-contract work to us due to the speed we can supply finished tooling at a good quality and price.

Our China-based operations are centred around Guang Dong province where we have an office at our injection moulding factory close to Shenzhen.

CMS can manage and produce quality product and support at various stages in making a concept become a reality, through the various prototyping phases to supplying final production.

We have links to several European moulders where we can also place tooling if required.

Whether it is a new business or help supporting your existing China supply chain we can provide the assistance you need to meet your targets.

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