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Saving you time and money

In today’s challenging economic climate many companies are looking to save both time and money during the Design, Prototyping and Manufacture of their current or new products, in order to achieve this many companies have looked East with the aim to control product and over head costs thus bringing a benefit in time and money to their business, many companies start this process but soon find that the potential savings do not appear to be as originally thought, this is the initial mistake made by many companies both large and small, the benefits of China manufacture are real and culpable but without fully understanding the language the complexities of the culture and the history these can become difficult to find.

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Our service offers a comprehensive solution by taking our client through a tried and tested approach to Chinese manufacturing, introducing the client to a wide range of suppliers, aiding with the design or sourcing of products and arranging for the export to the country of their choice.

Chinese manufacturing can also offer basic language and culture skills, we have a wide range of experience and contacts in China and in time Chinese Manufacturing Solutions can help companies establish and manage their own Chinese business thus achieving their goals and objectives by using the strengths of China manufacturing to enhance and grow their company.

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What our customers say

"I would recommend Chinese Manufacturing Solutions to any company who are looking for practical, hands on, no nonsense advice /guidance and support to any manufacturing / tooling project in China. The owner, John Poole is one of the best particle manufacturing and design implementation guys I know.

A proper no nonsense, keep it simple, and get it done company.” Mr A Gould, Director - Delphic Ltd