About Us

Our Company has been established for 3 years but our staff has worked for the past 10 years in China specialising in Manufacturing, Bespoke Design and Sourcing Products on behalf of Customers.

Where our Clients need help with the verification and Certification of new suppliers we always recommend visiting their premises to carry out an extensive audit which will enable the client building up a good understanding of their working practice's to ensure that Quality and Certification of the products produced are never compromised.

One of the major objectives of our Company is to minimise the risks that can be associated with working within a country where the culture and language is so very different from our own, we are more than able to over come these difficulties by having the necessary language skills as well as a comprehensive local knowledge and numerous contacts within China.

Our business model is based on providing strength in depth, supporting you in all areas of manufacturing.

Your business performance can be improved with engineering support from Chinese Manufacturing Solutions.

What our customers say

"To say CMS are invaluable to me as a business partner is an understatement. They have helped me deliver product to market in a timeframe that I never thought possible. Their intricate knowledge on all aspects of Product Development, Project management, and Logistics have enabled me to focus on my own workload; knowing that if there was an issue they were always on hand to help. Having visited China with CMS on a number of occasions I was highly impressed with their huge network of Chinese contacts and companies. What impressed me most was that this network was not just a list of names in a phonebook; CMS have cultivated a very close working relationship with all of these companies over a number of years. This means that you get the best quality product at the best possible price. In summation I can’t recommend them highly enough.”David Treharne, Industrial designer - Tellermate